Genie in the heart

Within the depths of consciousness, a slumbering Genie lies,

Brimming with healing, love, and wisdom, ready to rise.

Free yourself from screens; let solitude unfurl.
Inwardly focus and feel the energy swirl.

Nurture the Genie within, watch it illuminate,
Tricks and shadows dance as it conjures fate.

Unleash its power, harness its might,
Craft your journey wisely, day and night.

This Genie holds secrets and stories untold.

A companion on your path, a treasure to behold.

Embrace its magic, be reborn anew,
Let your Genie's brilliance shine through.

Feelings, thoughts, gestures, and words all flow.

From this eternal source, true power grows.

Escape the ego's grip, release its curse,
Embrace the Genie within, heal, and traverse.

Let your Genie soar, forever adorned.

Living, transforming, and touching hearts reborn
Evoke the eternal source, let its essence guide,

Unleash the Genie within, and wisdom will reside.


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